Fantastic Man #33
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Fantastic Man #33

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According to the bi-annual menswear fashion magazine Fantastic Man life begins at 30. Targeted at a more mature group of readers, Fantastic Man‘s aim is to re-invent the ‘gentleman’s style journal’. Fantastic Man magazine contains, as the name implies, interviews and fashion features with inspiring men and interesting personalities. It features men in clothes rather than models in fashion. Fantastic Man‘s take on fashion is a very personal one, starting with personalities and the way they dress, it maps personal clothing and style.

In this issue:

On the cover british artist George Rouy photographed by Juergen TellerThe 33rd edition of Fantastic Man is a euphoric new issue celebrating the joy of old clothes, resourcefulness, and the inspiration that’s to be found in the pre-existing. Featuring designer Duran Lantink, philosopher Slavoj Žižek, rapper Lil Yachty, journalist Adam Curtis, actor Callum Scott Howells, artist Danh Vo, celestial musician Laraaji and so much more.

288 x 290 mm, 278 pages

London, United Kingdom