City Tips

Its club space has been a kind of a sanctuary for the underground techno
scene for many years now. However in 2019 the restless minds behind Six
Dogs cultural centre (hippest place in town), initiated a new idea of an all-day
bar-restaurant of high aesthetics. Six Dogs Restaurant plays the role of the
encounter between the calmness of its back yard, an urban oasis, and the
intensity of its gig space. Its signature menu is characterized by the
gastronomic dynamics of street food culture infusing creative elements of fine
dining and culinary arts.
Addr. Avramiotou 6-8, Athina 105 51
An incubator of creative minds, Romantso is the core of the city’s cultural
realm. The building that printed Romantso, one of the most popular and iconic
Greek magazines during the ’60s and ’70s, now hosts all kinds of cultural
activities. Art exhibitions, gigs and parties are taking place within its industrial
space, turning Athenian days and club nights into unique once in a lifetime
Addr. Anaxagora 3, Athina 105 52
Neon Raum’s fellow neighbour ANÄNA Café is a much-anticipated new
entry for foodies and coffee lovers, located on the ground floor of Praxitelous
hall, an architectural gem in the heart of Athens. Its big glass windows and
minimal interior full of locals combined with the café’s vegan and eco-friendly
culture and ethos makes ANÄNA The place for delicious brewed coffee and
vegetarian goodies. Their homemade banana bread is heaven in a dish.
Addr. Praxitelous 33, Athina 105 60
Since 2015, when Barrett first opened its doors, it has been a reference point for nightlife in Athens, revitalising Protogenous street. Good music, strong drinks, industrial design, vibrant atmosphere and creative people are vital parts of Barrett's realm, leading to the success of a bar that transformed the urban landscape of Psirri.
Addr. Protogenous 11, Athina 105 54
A place for poets and lovers, full of late-night stories and interesting conversations, Santarosa carries the old sensation of a bar that expects from its customers to reveal their deepest thoughts over a glass of something good. David Sampethai's mystical artwork on the wall along with the narrow but imposing bar of Santarosa create a cinematic setting worth to be experienced.
Addr. Asklipiou 69, Athina 106 80
Now let's talk about raw, no-boundaries, early-hours partying. Cantina Social is the secret refuge for all night owls in Athens. Every night a different DJ takes over, causing unpredictable circumstances in a bar where almost everything is allowed. Addr. Leokoriou 8, Athina 105 54

One of the most popular hangout places in Athens and Neon Raum’s dear
neighbour, Praxitelous bar has the most photographed neon sign in the city
(after ours of course). Warm and cosy, Praxitelous is always full of young
urbanites enjoying a cold after office beer. Early attendance on a full house
Friday and Saturday night is a must if you want to enjoy your gin and tonic
without worrying about finding a sit.
Addr. Praxitelous 33, Athina 105 60

Located in Ipitou street, a tiny picturesque pedestrian road next to Syntagma
square, Blue Bird is a bar of urban exotism and high aesthetics creating a
summer aura all year long. An essential whiskey list and old fashioned
cocktails can be found at this hidden gem at the city’s core.
Addr. Ipitou 4, Athina 105 57

Emerging and established greek artists have been represented by gallerist
Christina Androulidaki since 2012 when CAN first opened its doors. The
gallery is located in the heart of Athens' fashion district in Kolonaki, where
contemporary art and design meet, generating a unique creative outcome.
Addr. Panagiotou Anagnostopoulou 42, Athina 106 73

Solo shows and group exhibitions compose the gallery’s agenda showcasing
young and renowned artists all year round. Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery is a
contemporary art gallery promoting Greek artists who work on a wide range of
media and using unconventional forms and artistic practices.
Addr. Iraklitou 3, Athina 106 73

A relatively new entry to the Athenian contemporary art scene, Hot Wheels
Project was founded by Hugo Wheeler in 2017. The art space is located in a
classical Athenian townhouse on the historic avenue of Patission. Exhibitions
presenting greek creators along with international artists, events and
publications are part of Hot Wheels Project’s annual program.
Addr. 28is Oktovriou 41, Athina 104 33


Purple Night’s sexy team of renowned Athenian DJs takes over the most
electrifying spaces and secret locations in the city and creates a
legendary urban clubbing experience. Feel, touch, taste and share the
love spread by The Dreamer, Wrapped In Plastic and Denis

Pedestrian streets and local bars turn into partying arenas as Street
Outdoors DJs conquer the urban landscape. Favourite tunes, electronic
vibrations, music lovers & happy people produce one of the most
galvanising mobile events in the city.
If you’re looking for the best sandwich place in Athens you’ll find it at
this friendly little sandwich oasis - just across the street to Neon Raum-
honouring grab and go street food since its opening. Perfectly balanced
flavours, fresh ingredients, rich handmade sauces are the key components
of the unique taste of Big Mouth sandwiches. Italiano is a must!
Addr. Praxitelous 20, Athens 105 62

Not a regular bakery but a special tarts place, Marika Tarts offers one-of-
a kind Greek traditional recipes with a twist. From the base to the filling,
creams and jams, the tarts are all handmade. The tiny but very beautiful shop works mainly as a take out, one authentic street food
spot where you take a tart in hand and continue on your way.
Addr. Pallados 4, Athina, 105 54

Less is more. Simple but full of flavour, traditional souvlaki by Kostas is
considered by experts to be the best souvlaki in Athens. Fine and fresh
ingredients combined with the essence of the takeaway restaurant that
remains the same since 1950 make Souvlaki Kostas timeless and totally
worthy of visiting.
Addr. 1 Vassilikis, Monastiraki, 105 57
Fresh, wood oven-baked and super delicious pizza in Athens? Hell yeah!
Crust Pizza at popular Protogenous Street in the heart of Athens, is an
American style pizza place offering fine Italian flavours as it plays the
role of the encounter between Napoli and New York. After you finish
your last pizza slice, do not forget to walk down the stairs and have a
drink at Crust’s micro-club operating during the early hours. Yes, Crust
has its own micro-club right under the restaurant hosting the best
parties and live events.
Addr. Protogenous 13, Athina 105 54
Sweet and revolutionary Sorolop pastry shop is located in Exarcheia
neighbourhood and offers the best profiterole in Athens along with its famous
Greek tsoureki with fresh ice cream. Everything is made with love and care by
Sorolop’s team. Grab your freshly made dessert and enjoy a walk around
Athens or a movie at one of the area’s open-air cinemas.
Addr. Andrea Metaxa 17, Athina 106 81
Krinos is an all time classic patisserie in the center of Athens serving the
most mythical soft ice cream and traditional Greek loukoumades (greek
donuts with cinnamon and honey) since 1923. Old fashioned and unique
Krinos is considered by many the sweetest link connecting the city’s past,
present and future.
Addr. Aiolou 87, Athina 105 51

Dreamy ice cream on top of cotton candy. It seems like a sweet utopia,
however it's as true as it gets and it exists only at Dickie Dee, the sweetest soft ice cream spot in Athens. Flavours served with homemade lemonade that
remind us of another innocent and carefree era, when dreams tasted like
peanut butter, cream and chocolate ice cream.
Addr. Voulis 23, Athina 105 63

Mediterranean sea in a dish. Atlantikos is a secret little greek tavern in Psirri
that has turned the past few years into an institution for all those seafood
lovers seeking for fresh Mediterranean delicacies in the core of Athens. Fresh
fish that smells like the sea, a creative twist to traditional greek recipes and a
glass of ouzo during a hot day in the middle of summer, that’s Atlantikos.
Addr. Avliton 7, Athina 105 54, Greece
Pork chops on top of french fries, smoky flavour and juicy meat constitute
fundamental components of Telis pork chop joint that has justifiably created a legend around its name. If you are a meat lover and simplicity and taste is
your thing, then a visit to the most famous steakhouse in Athens is a must.
Addr. Evripidou 86, Athina 105 53Τελης-Μπριζολακια-Ψυρρη/
The National Museum of Contemporary Art is finally open after its transitory
pause of operations. The museum's permanent exhibition housed at the
former FIX factory of great architectural importance constitutes a fine example
of how the contemporary cultural production has flourished throughout
Greece's recent past. Workshops, events and of course periodic exhibitions
complete the museum's programme, showcasing fruitful collaborations
between emerging and established Greek and international artists.
Addr. Kallirrois Avenue & Amvr. Frantzi Str, former Fix factory 11743 Athens,

The world-renowned collection of Basil and Elise Goulandris has finally found
its permanent home in Eratosthenous Street at Pangrati, one of the city's
most vibrant and artistic neighbourhoods. The collection of Goulandris
Museum of Contemporary Art includes masterpieces of modern art as
celebrated art pieces by Paul Cézanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin,
Jean Monet, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo
Picasso, Joan Miró and many others.
Addr. Eratosthenous 13, Athina 116 35

The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens plays the role of the encounter
between past and present. The Museum’s permanent collection is one of the
most significant collections of Cycladic art globally. However, the museum
creates a vital connection between Ancient Greek art and modern & contemporary cultural production by presenting contemporary art exhibitions,
showcasing remarkable artworks by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Sarah
Lucas, Ugo Rodinone, Martin Kippenberger, Mario Merz, Ai Weiwei, and Paul
Addr. Neofitou Douka 4, Athina 106 74