Our Store

Located in the center of Athens, in a neighbourhood that once was the meeting point for manufacturers, entrepreneurs and creators of all kinds, lies our store. Occupying the first floor at the Leoharous 17 building, Neon Raum spreads across 120 sqm, housing the work of emerging and established artists from Greece and around the world. 

Neon Raum was established in 2013, by Diana Vardaxi and Sotiris Trechas, the creators of CAT BLACK & The Dreamer brands. Since then, more than 100 designers and brands have been part of our team. Our collections are updated frequently, offering jewelry, clothing, accessories and deco items. In addition to our new designers, we have a dedicated section for vintage treasures from Greece and Europe. Last but not least, Neon Raum also operates as a selling point for magazines and zines, with both big and independent titles from all around the world. Our online store offers only a small part of our collections, so a visit to our retail store will satisfy your appetite even more. 

We are always looking for new designers, so if you would like to be part of our team do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to promote greek creativity internationally, supporting all kinds of artists.

Designers available right now:
CAT BLACK, The Dreamer, Granny’s trip, Keno, AKUA Handmade, Cyc Lab, Berequette, AV Swimwear, Melie C., Fitolojio Workshop, Karis, Kiss The Frog, Coxx Ceramics. 
Previous collaborations:
Sand + Stone, Bord de l'eau, Razzmatazz, Lilly O Jewelry, EME Berlin, The Chain, Antonia Zacharia Jewels, Constance’s Jewels, Miss Funky Natty, Barbel Bling, Sequin by Elena Alexopoulou, Eating the goober, Jojo Blanc, Amalia Vrana Collection, The Bronze Medal, Evanthia, Efthymis Fokas Shoes, Titeld Berlin, Athanasia’s Creations, Lilian Syrigou Art & Handmade Jewellery, Violeta Filipou Handcrafted Jewelry, Moloko Plus, La Joya, Out of M.E., Bold Locked, We are still Bold & Beautiful, Lav Unused, Clotho, Eni Jewellery, Methen, Mariam Z, Bubble Box, Vasiliki Timotheatou, Folklor, One Trick Pony, It’s a shirt, La petite mort,, Penny Christidi, Relak, B Design Lab, Leather Trinkets, The Boudouzi Project, SURAH, Coni Concrete Jewelry, Kito 1981, Kunia Bella, Penny Christidi, CUTCUUTUR, Chrysokona Mavrou, Props, Birds & Lofts, A Future Perfect, Noilence Jewelry, Myksa, Alkistis Handmade Jewellry, Mohxa, Efi Dolcini, Limelight, Nasma Jewel Handcrafts, The cork Jewellery, Blameyourdaze, JohnJohn Handmade Bowties, Bearsta, Cocktail Jane, Nimi Natto, Emily Petousi, Crossed Minds, Iakwvina Handmade Jewellry, Displexia, Magdalini Kleio Eftaxiopoulou Textiles, Ohhh my dog.