Desired Landscapes #5
Neon Raum

Desired Landscapes #5

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Desired Landscapes #4

A pocket-sized biannual print edition, by the people who write the stories of today’s cities. It explores the sense of a place and the notion of the representation of the urban experience through graphic design, mapping, poetic observations, the vernacular and ephemera. A collection of desired landscapes, person-to-place bonds, iconic images, personal texts and imagery, urban clichés to be demystified. 

Every issue comes with a city guide of experimental wanderings, reflecting upon the city guide genre.

This issue gives some hints of its form. Cities as forests not in terms of nature, but of navigation and justice. Vertical cities freed from their past, floating in latent memories. A highway unfolding vistas to our escapist mind. Systems of transit constructing the sense of place. And us, more eager than ever to explore. Yet, this time, slowly.

The issue of paradoxes.

10.5 x 16.1 cm

Origin: Athens, Greece

Language: English